Our Mission

For 30 years, The Dennis M. and Lois A. Doyle Family Foundation has raised awareness for a multitude of causes ranging from faith based to medical. Now, the Foundation has another mission to educate parents on the longterm effects of tackle sports for kids while presenting them the alternative of Flag Football. We provide a variety of resources, volunteer partnerships, studies, consultative advice, fundraisers and program outreach to help spread the benefits of Flag Football for kids and prevent CTE. The Foundation advocates for CTE awareness in the areas of health, social system development, research, and public awareness throughout the United States. Resources from The Doyle Family Foundation are designed to answer any parents’ concerns with tackle sports and offer support, tailored information, and tools to help educate them on the benefits of Flag Football.


News is a online resource for quality and up to date information for parents.
Become a Volunteer Help us spread locate support state-by-state.
Join a Study Provide yourself to some of the best researches in brain/cognitive fields
Share the Awareness Watch and share our cause to your friends and loved ones


We have discovered that parents are many times misinformed about the causes of CTE. The common misconception, that the Foundation wishes to diminish, is that players obtain CTE from tackle sports later in life. The go-to example given is that NFL football players received CTE during their season as an active player. This is false. Research shows that CTE is due to years of progressive contact and that the NFL players who participated in tackle sports as children received this brain disease. That is why the Foundation is creating awarness for Flag Football as a healthy alternative for children and a solution to avoiding these later in life dispositions. Children gain all of the competitive advantages and discipline required when competiting in Flag Football without potential long-term damage to their mental health. Learn more.